Wife of fired Milwaukee firefighter begs for husband's job back

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Two Milwaukee firefighters relieved from their duties after being connected to vandalism at a Milwaukee fire station are pulling out all the stops trying to get their jobs back. The two men are no longer employed with the department.

The fire chief says the investigation is coming to an end. Authorities are reviewing the facts and will determine if there will be any discipline handed down to the parties involved.

The wife of Nathan Fager, one of the probationary firefighters who was fired, says she is still looking for answers as to why her husband was removed from his position.

"All Nate wants is a chance to get his job back -- that he worked so hard and long for and waited to get," said Kristin Fager.

On Thursday evening, November 21st, Mrs. Fager made an appeal to the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission asking for some insight and a second chance for her husband.

"Nate and I just don't understand how he wasn't even part of this investigation. The worst part is just understanding all this, and we're having a hard time, I guess, getting closure," said Mrs. Fager.

Fager and Joey Siegert were in the probationary stages of their employment with the department when they were let go, along with seven other firefighters, in October. The two men were at a north side station when some firefighters allegedly vandalized their own station.

The allegations include defecating on personal equipment, urinating in or on lockers, and placing a dead mouse in one locker.

"I understand that when you are on probation you can be fired for whatever reason -- you don't even need to be given a reason -- but it makes it hard to carry on in your life," said Mrs. Fager.

Despite several pleas and petitions, reinstatement in this case seems unlikely, however Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing says he may be willing to give them an opportunity in the future.

"I certainly would, at some point in time, like to talk to both of these young men," said Rohlfing.

Both Fager and Siegert claim they did not participate in the vandalism, but admit to being present at the time.

Chief Rohlfing said he does not expect any criminal charges for the other seven firefighters in the case, but noted that the option remains open.