Wife, daughter of Matthew Neumann, man on trial in death of 2 men, testify

Matthew Neumann

MILWAUKEE -- Nearly a year after two bodies were found in a burn pit in East Troy, 44-year-old Matthew Neumann is on trial for the death of two of his employees at Spot Free Cleaning -- Richard Conklin and Robert Hajduk.

On the second day of Neumann's trial, prosecutors called both his daughter, Ashley, and wife, Tammy, to the stand. They testified that they saw one of the victim's in the passenger seat of Neumann's truck.

Neumann's attorney questioned why Ashley didn't check for a pulse. Hours later, the truck was gone and Ashley testified her father returned home smelling like diesel fuel.

Ashley Neumann

Surveillance video was referenced, with Tammy telling the court she recognized Neumann running from his burning truck, but never saw his face.

"I was married to him for 27 years, I know how he runs," Tammy said.

Matthew Neumann

Human remains found in Walworth County

Tammy Neumann

Tammy testified that Neumann threatened her with a gun, but the defense tried to show Tammy has a financial motive to ensure Neumann is convicted.

Just as the trial began to break for the day, prosecutors began laying out a timeline. As for a possible motive, prosecutors previously said Neumann was upset that Conklin was trying to take Neumann's cigarettes.

The trial is expected to continue Dec. 4 at 8:45 a.m. and wrap up later this week.