Wide range of reaction following court ruling against President Trump's travel ban

MILWAUKEE -- A federal appeals court won't reinstate President Donald Trump's travel ban. In an unanimous decision, the three-judge panel rejected the government's main arguments. Local experts on the matter say they're not surprised by the court's ruling. Some people are satisfied with the decision while others are confident things will end differently.

Donald Trump

Thursday morning, February 9th, campuses across the country protested President Trump's immigration ban. By evening, a court decision upholding a temporary restraining order on the controversial issue.

Darryl Morin is with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). He says he wasn't surprised by the decision but says people here are still uneasy.

"Whenever you try to implement any kind of religious test or preference I think most people would agree it's met with tragic consequences so that's not something we want to get started on here," said Morin.

Darryl Morin

Legal experts call the court's decision a "sweeping order."

"It didn't simply say that the President's executive order went too far and we need to narrow in certain respects to avoid legal problems. It completely blocked the application of the order in all respects," said Rick Esenberg, president of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL).

Esenberg believes the next step is the Supreme Court.

"There still can be a full consideration of the case on the merits and the court could come out differently," said Esenberg.

A recent politico poll shows the controversial ban has a 54 percent approval rating among voters polled.