'Wicked smaht' kids find hand grenade while out for a walk

Image: Wrentham Police Department

Two boys in Massachusetts are being praised for their "wicked smahts" after discovering a potentially dangerous object while out on a walk. 

Police in Wrentham, which is about 30 miles southwest of Boston, said the 12-year-olds happened upon a hand grenade in the woods. 

The boys were hiking along a path when they spotted a pile of trash. 

"Like all curious kids do," Chief Bill McGrath wrote, "they inspect the debris" — and this is where the "smaht" comes in. 

When they realized they were looking at a potentially dangerous military weapon, the boys "used their noggins!" and resisted the urge to touch.

"They DID NOT give it a little "test push" with their foot and DID NOT pick that grenade up for closer inspection," McGrath said.

Instead, they took a picture, made a mental note of their location and went home to tell their parents, who called 911. 


Image: Wrentham Police Department

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Wrentham police and fire — and the bomb squad — headed out to the site and determined the grenade was real. 

"Luckily, it had been hollowed out and therefore harmless, but the boys had no way to know that when they found it," McGrath wrote. 

"Thankfully, two wicked smaht kids did the right thing and we all benefit from the lesson."

This story was reported from Detroit.