Whitefish Bay barber David Foley found guilty in federal court

WHITEFISH BAY -- David Foley was found guilty of all six counts against him in federal court on Thursday, November 29th. Foley is the Whitefish Bay barber accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy and videotaping the assaults. 

Foley's sentencing was the culmination of a bizarre case that began when Foley mailed a DVD full of child pornography to FOX6 News. FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn ended up on the witness stand in Foley's trial.

The unlabeled disk came to FOX6 News loaded with child pornography, along with an anonymous letter implicating a Whitefish Bay building owner as the creator of the disk. FOX6 News turned the materials over to the Wisconsin Department of Justice in 2010.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Penny Coblentz says the disk was traced to David Foley -- a career con artist who was operating a sports-themed barbershop in Whitefish Bay. Foley had a bitter relationship with the shop's landlord, to whom he owed more than $50,000 in rent. 

Coblentz says Foley mailed the disk to FOX6 News in the hopes of framing his landlord as a pedophile. It was a setup that backfired.

"I have never seen anything like it before and I`ve been prosecuting for 28 years," Coblentz said.

It was later revealed that Foley himself had molested two boys and videotaped the assaults on one 14-year-old boy at his Shorewood apartment. Foley then later assaulted the same boy on a weekend trip to the Mall of America.

Sources say the boy collapsed into his father's arms after testifying in federal court this week.

David Brozovich is one of a long line of people Foley has been accused or convicted of stealing money from. Brozovich took off work to see the verdict against Foley. 

After the jury convicted Foley on all six counts of child pornography and molestation, Brozovich was relieved to know Foley will spend between 15 and 140 years in prison.

"Justice is served.  I don`t think he's gonna see the light of day again," Brozovich said.

During closing arguments, the assistant U.S. Attorney said this was a case not just about perversion, but of revenge.  She says David Foley`s bitterness about his landlord turned out to be his own undoing.

Earlier this year, Foley signed a guilty plea in the federal case and then withdrew his plea, forcing the two teenage victims to testify at trial. Sources close to the case told FOX6 News that could dramatically increase his sentence, which will be decided on February 15th. 

Meanwhile, Foley is due in state court in a couple weeks for sentencing on theft and fraud charges.

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