Whitefish Bay Art Fest: 100 artists, community and creative buzz

The streets of Whitefish Bay were bustling on Sunday, July 9, for the fourth annual Art Fest. More than 100 artists showcased and sold their pieces.

"I’m glad to be here at the festival. People are amazing," said Milwaukee artist Souleymane Ouedraogo.

For two days, downtown Whitefish Bay was transformed.

Chris Hartsfield

"This community really comes out and supports this show," said Kentucky artist Chris Hartsfield.

Hartsfield's paintings hung proudly in the Whitefish Bay Art Festival.

"This is my fourth year, luckily," said Hartsfield. "The weather has been good each year, and sales are phenomenal here for us."

The fest showcased paintings, pottery, jewelry and more.

Whitefish Bay Art Fest

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"That’s the really cool thing about art festivals. If you’re a patron, you can come find almost anything you’re looking for," said Hartsfield. "Everybody has their own style, doing things that were all unique in our own way, and our artist community is huge."

Some artists were so inspired, they started to create as the festival commenced.

"I got a lot of appreciation for what I’m doing, and I got a couple of sales," said Ouedraogo.

Whitefish Bay Art Fest

Beyond the pieces, the Art Fest president said this festival featured some special guests.

"I’ve seen more children at the show than probably any other show that we do because it’s a community thing, and everybody’s happy," said Hartsfield.

Organizers said they're already counting down until next year's festival.