Where to watch FOX6 News at 9 on Thursdays during NFL season

MILWAUKEE -- For the rest of the NFL season, Thursday Night Football will be seen on FOX6! But don't worry -- if you would rather watch the news than football, we have you covered.

FOX6 News at 9 on Thursdays throughout the run of the regular NFL season (except Thanksgiving Day) can be seen on Antenna TV digital channel 6.2. You can also watch a stream at FOX6Now.com/live. Here's a more detailed look at where to find FOX6 News at 9 on Thursdays.


This one is super easy, just head to the on-screen channel guide and look for Antenna TV 6.2 or WITIDT2.  If you have Spectrum Cable, you’ll find 6.2 on channel 986. There are some areas in southeast Wisconsin where the Antenna TV 6.2 is on channel 189. See the breakout of areas and channels just below.

For additional help on where to find Antenna TV based on your ZIP code, CLICK HERE.


Our local FOX6 News programming will be available to you on our live digital stream, so you can watch on your desktop, laptop, iPad or tablet.

To launch the stream now, CLICK HERE and hit the PLAY button. If you get a message that says, “We’ll be right back,” do not worry. That just means the live broadcast is in a commercial break. When the newscast returns from break, the stream will automatically activate.

You can also stream live from the FOX6 News App on your mobile device.


If you already watch us OTA, 6.2 is probably already part of the stations you receive.  If your TV is on FOX6, just hit the channel up button on your remote, and 6.2 should be the next station that comes up on your set.  If you’re having trouble finding 6.2, you may need to rescan your TV.  Each TV is a little different, but a good place to start is the Main Menu or Settings screen.  Then look for the rescan option and follow the on-screen prompts.

The Antennas Direct website is a great source of information – it’s easy to understand and clearly laid out, with lots of tools to help you find what you’re looking for.  CLICK HERE for information on how to select an antenna, troubleshooting, FAQs, there’s even a cord cutting guide and instructional videos.

There are all kinds of antennas on the market, at various price points.  Once your antenna is hooked up to your TV set, you’ll need to rescan to add all the local, OTA channels.  As noted above, each set and antenna is a little different, so follow the instructions provided with your antenna and/or set.