What to do if your pet goes missing

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A missing pet is never a good thing, but it's even more of a concern in the winter. Being outside for even a few minutes can leave lasting scars.

MADACC -- the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission showed FOX6 News a cat brought into the shelter last week.

The cat's ears suffered frostbite from being outside.

In a few days, the tips of the cat's ears will eventually fall of.

MADACC says this is a severe case that could have been prevented.

MADACC says if your pet goes missing -- the faster you act, the better.

"There is a pet Amber Alert that they can initiate. We recommend that they get out pictures immediately of their pet and a contact number. Get that out to where they lost the pet. Flyer the neighborhoods. Get a picture out on social media and on Craigslist," Laura Nigbur with MADACC said.

CLICK HERE for more on what to do if you've lost a pet -- via MADACC's website.