What impact will John Doe investigation have on Gov. Walker?

MILWAUKEE -- Two men stand accused of taking funds donated to war veterans while working for then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. Now people are asking, what does this say about the man who is the focus of Wisconsin's biggest recall effort, Gov. Scott Walker?

Democrats are the first to point the finger. Mike Tate from the State Democratic Party told FOX6 News on Friday, "There seems to be a culture of permissiveness that ran rampant through Scott Walker's time as county executive and as governor, where we've seen multiple people resign suddenly, granted immunity from prosecution. These are not the hallmarks of an ethically led administration."

Republicans say the charges show how ethical the Governor is. Don Taylor of the Republican Party of Waukesha County said, "The investigation began when then the Milwaukee County Executive asked his chief of staff to look into the matter, that it suddenly came to his attention and from then it was passed onto the district attorney who launched the investigation."
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