What are the odds? Statistics professor wins the lottery

FAIRFIELD -- What are the chances that a statistics professor would end up winning the lottery?

Nicholas Kapoor, who teaches students in his accelerated statistics class at Fairfield University about probability, would definitely know the answer. But now, he doesn't only know the math solution--he knows the real-life chances.

Kapoor recently won $100,000 playing the lottery!

He said his winnings have created a great way to demonstrate for his students how hard it is to win something in the real world.

"I try to bring as many real-life examples into my classroom as possible because these kids need to be ready to compete with the entire world, so I try to make sure in my classroom what they're learning can be applied to the real world, "Kapoor said. "One way to do that is to talk about things that happen in real life and one of them is the lottery."

He said he teaches students about winning the Powerball, so now that his quick-pick ticket won he's going to try to incorporate that into his lesson plans.

He said he'll still continue to play the lottery about once a week.

Kapoor said he doesn't want to touch his earnings until next year, and he may use his prize money to go on a trip.