Westown to blossom with new gateway mural by local artist Emma Daisy Gertel

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 and the Downtown Placemaking Task Force have commissioned local artist Emma Daisy Gertel for the new Westown mural at the northeast corner of James Lovell Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

The canvas will feature an urban garden as its subject matter— a metaphor for the resurgence in Westown. Installation will begin in late-June following community engagement sessions. The approximate size of the mural will be 80 feet wide and 50 feet high.

Gertel will seek input from the community to design the final composition. A virtual community garden will be created to gather suggestions through social media with unique hashtags. In addition, Gertel will hold listening sessions at NEWaukee’s Night Market on June 12 and at the Westown Farmers’ Market.

The Westown Gateway Mural is part of a series of recent projects administered by the Downtown Placemaking Task Force. The goal of these projects is to enhance the aesthetics of downtown’s “third spaces,” and encourage connectivity and walkability.

For more information on The Gateway Mural and other initiatives, visit milwaukeedowntown.com.