West Bend police: Schools will be open Monday following investigation into reported social media threat

WEST BEND -- Police on Sunday night, Dec. 1 posted to social media a message indicating West Bend schools would be open Monday, Dec. 2 -- with police patrols -- following a reported threat on social media.

According to police, on Nov. 7, a 19-year-old woman reported to West Bend police that she saw a message on social media that said there would be a shooting at the high school on Dec. 2, though she indicated the message did not specify a high school or city. She said because she lives in West Bend, she assumed the message referenced a school in the city. She didn't save the message, and police were unable to retrieve it from her phone.

Police said over the Thanksgiving weekend, rumors surfaced regarding the reported threat.

A number of students who said they heard about the possible social media message were interviewed, and police said none of them said they saw the message.

Police said no other law enforcement agency received reports regarding this message.

West Bend police and West Bend School District officials monitored social media sites and did not observe any similar messages.

Police said schools would be open Monday, Dec. 2 with school liaison officers in schools and officers on patrol.

Meanwhile, anyone with information was asked to contact police.