West Allis woman naturally conceives identical triplets

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Defying extremely rare odds, a West Allis woman has given birth to identical triplets -- and the babies were conceived naturally.

Laura and Kevin Stier recently welcomed their baby girls, Hannah, Norah, and Lucy home. Laura said her pregnancy was both shocking and exciting, especially when the doctor confirmed what he saw in the ultrasound.

"I said 'is everything okay?' He said 'yeah, I'm seeing three heartbeats.' I think my heart stopped," said Laura. "That was a big shock especially since we used no fertility, no multiples in our family -- there was nothing to lead us to believe this was even a possibility."

Laura gave birth almost two and a half months early, but says she felt fortunate just to get through a high-risk pregnancy.

"In the beginning of June I ended up being admitted for 10 days prior to delivering because Lucy was showing some signs of distress," explained Laura.

As if the triplets' birth wasn't already special enough, there was an added bonus for their dad.

"That's a gift in itself, and to be born on Father's Day, too -- that's a little extra," said Kevin.

The girls had a combined birth weight of less than seven pounds. All three are now home and healthy.

"They've been so fun and we love seeing them grow and where they are now from where they started, it's such a miracle that everybody is happy," said Laura.

Doctors told Laura after having multiples, she will be more prone to having it happen again. After hearing that news, the couple says they don't plan on having anymore children in the future.

The odds of naturally conceiving triplets are one in 8,000. The odds of naturally conceiving identical triplets are between one in 60,000 and one in two million.