West Allis sub shop serves lunch to President Obama

WEST ALLIS -- A Wisconsin-based sandwich chain got the chance to serve their country, one sub at a time on Wednesday, when they were asked to make lunch for President Obama during his visit to Milwaukee! The call for hundreds of sandwiches first came in to Cousin's Subs for an anonymous recipient, but soon, workers learned the reason for all the secrecy: they were handing over the order to Secret Service!

The order came in to the Cousin's Subs in West Allis for 625 subs, plus cookies and chips to be delivered to Master Lock Wednesday for Master Lock employees and President Obama. "We were pretty excited, and very honored! This was very unexpected. It's a phone call you don't anticipate getting every day," Dawn Bores with Cousin's Subs said.

Preparing an order for the leader of the free world took seven-and-a-half hours. "It took a couple hours to bake all the bread. For a little bit, it was chaos, I will admit!" Nicole Rodefer said.

Seven-and-a-half inch club sandwiches were made by hand, wrapped and boxed. The sandwiches had to be delivered by 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night to give the Secret Service ample time to screen the delivery before President Obama's arrival on Wednesday. "They had a lockdown at Master Lock, so we had to get in there and get the subs delivered before security lockdown happened," Bores said.

Workers say serving President Obama directly is an honor they never expected! "It's a big deal to go ahead and have an order from the President of the United States! I already told a lot of people 'guess who I made subs for last night?'" Rodefer said.

Delivering the order was unlike anything employees had ever experienced. They brought the food to Master Lock Tuesday night, where they were met at a service elevator by the Secret Service. They didn't watch the Secret Service go through the order, but were told every box would be checked before lunch was served Wednesday.