West Allis PD: Beware of strangers trying to get into your home, talk about roofing work

WEST ALLIS -- West Allis police are warning residents throughout Milwaukee County of a scam.

Officials said in a Facebook post on Monday, March 25 that a pair of subjects has been contacting older adults and initiating discussions about roofing work or leaks at their residence. They attempt to persuade the resident to let them inside their residence. When and if allowed inside, the first suspect distracts the victim long enough to enable the second suspect to sneak around inside the residence and steal whatever they can. The thefts usually happen very quickly.

Officials stress the importance of being very cautious when letting strangers and unexpected contractors into your residence. They also said in the post...

"Remember that government workers and utility workers commonly wear uniforms that clearly show who they work for, they have identification cards which clearly show who they work for, and/or they use vehicles that clearly show who they work for. If you are suspicious of someone who comes to your residence, don't answer your door, don't let them in, and consider calling your local law enforcement agency to have the person checked out."

West Allis police also suggest watching out for your neighbors as well.