West Allis man sentenced for Medicaid fraud

MADISON -- John Wheeler of West Allis was sentenced by a Dane County judge Friday, April 27th for Medicaid fraud -- a felony.

Judge Stephen Ehlke placed Wheeler on three years of probation. As conditions of probation, Wheeler was ordered to serve six months in county jail, participate in drug and alcohol treatment, pay court costs and pay restitution in the amount of $14,391.40.

Wheeler entered a plea of guilty to Medical Assistance Fraud, which stems from his employment as a Registered Nurse for which he submitted fraudulent claims to Wisconsin Medicaid.

According to the Department of Justice’s criminal complaint, Wheeler was employed by Nurses in Independent Practice as a private duty nurse.  Wheeler submitted timesheets indicating between March 8, 2010, and October 4, 2010, he had provided medical services to clients he was assigned to care for when in fact, he had not provided those services.  Wheeler was paid $14,391.40 for those hours he claimed to have worked as a private duty nurse.

Medicaid is the health care assistance program for the needy and disabled jointly funded by the state and federal governments.