"We're proud of where we live:" Sherman Park cleans up on Earth Day

Sherman Park cleanup

MILWAUKEE -- Community members gathered in Sherman Park to celebrate Earth Day by cleaning it up on Saturday, April 22nd.

"We've got a quarter of the bag already, already just to an alley, and we got to go two-and-a-half more blocks to Lispon," said Robert Brown, resident of Sherman Park.

Robert Brown

Folks grabbed a trash bag and started picking up litter -- it was all part of St. Catherine's Parish community cleanup event.

St. Catherine's Parish

"A lot of residents are starting to take pride or want other people to take pride of the community. So they want to do the cleanup initiatives, especially with it being Earth Day," said Camille Mays, cleanup organizer.

Brown has been a resident of the Sherman Park area for the past 48 years. He says he's seen his neighborhood go through some bad times but he thinks now they're getting it back on its feet.

Sherman Park cleanup

"Educating people to be a part of the community, they live here so you should chip in and be a part of our community and try to make it as beautiful as it has ever been," said Brown.

Toni Wagner

St. Catherine's Parish is hoping to push the message of being clean and sustainable.

"We have these congregations that have pulled together with the idea of this is Sherman Park, we're proud of where we live and we want people to know it," said Toni Wagner, St. Catherine's Parish.

For Brown though, his hope on Earth Day is a little different.

Sherman Park cleanup

"Maybe someone is looking through their windows at us, seeing what we'e doing. Maybe this time next year they'll play a part in wanting to come out to help too," said Brown.

The crew picking up trash says they hope that Saturday's event will be able to get the message out about making things a little bit greener.

Sherman Park cleanup