'We'll be here:' Bay View restaurant sets up partitions in anticipation of eventual reopening

MILWAUKEE -- Many of us have wondered what the dining experience will look like once "Safer at Home" is lifted. Now, one Bay View restaurant is offering a glimpse into what the future might hold.

The owner and executive chef of Egg & Flour Pasta Bar said on Saturday, May 2, that safety is key in keeping customers comfortable.

Adam Pawlak

Located near South Howell Avenue and Kinnickinnic Avenue, the restaurant was on a roll -- busy with customers during its grand opening week in early March.

"We thought we were in the clear," Adam Pawlak, owner of Egg & Flour Pasta Bar, said. "And it was a great week."

But in no time at all, Pawlak was forced to do what he never expected.

"We knew we had to close down," he said.

As the weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic continue to drag on, Pawlak and his business partner, Tony Goff, have had some time to think.

Tony Goff

"So we thought, how could we be of service to the world, while still leveraging our core competencies," said Goff, president of Goff's Enterprises.

Goff's Enterprises, located in Pewaukee, manufactures industrial partitions, safety equipment and doors.

"We figured we could pivot into these personal safety partitions that you see hanging here," Goff said.

Egg & Flour Pasta Bar table partitions

Egg & Flour Pasta Bar table partitions

Some partitions are hanging from the ceiling, while others stand between tables. All are designed to keep customers safe and comfortable when the restaurant eventually reopens.

Egg & Flour Pasta Bar in Bay View

"I don't want to lose the dine-in, I don't want to lose the experience, we put all this work into the inside, we want people to enjoy it," said Pawlak. "I think this is a super-easy way for people to sit down, feel safe and not have to rush out of the restaurant with to-go bags."

While their timeline is to-be-determined, one thing is certain for the restaurant.

"I'm excited to see everyone come down, and we'll be here," Pawlak said.

In the meantime, Egg & Flour's original space -- located within Crossroads Collective on Milwaukee's east side -- is still offering curbside pickup and delivery.