'Welcome to Cascade!' Tornado warned storm takes down sign and more in Sheboygan County

VILLAGE OF CASCADE/SHEBOYGAN COUNTY -- The Village of Cascade was hardest hit by severe storms that prompted tornado warnings in three counties, one of them Sheboygan County.

FOX6 News found trees uprooted off Highway 28, and debris strewn across the area. Several streets were closed Tuesday evening, Aug. 28, due to downed power lines and trees. Even the village sign was taken away by the wind.

Sheboygan County sheriff's officials said they were encouraging the public to stay off roadways, with trees and electrical wires down across the county. Cascade police asked the same. They said crews were being dispatched as the dispatch center was "inundated" with calls advising of hazards.

Lauren Puetz

"It started to look green outside," said Lauren Puetz.

The storms came in quickly, and left damage in their wake.

"I've never seen clouds move that fast, and they were just coming through," said Puetz.

Puetz had damage in her yard after the storm.

"It sounded like a freight train. You could hear the glass. Obviously something went through my living room windows," said Puetz.

A tent flew into her yard, and trees were toppled.

"It was on our roof, so we definitely heard that hit our house. We had no idea where it came from. This was a fairly large pine tree...uprooted," said Puetz.

Pieces of her home were strewn across the grass.

"This is obviously not just a shingle. It's part of the roof," said Puetz.

FOX6 found a mess across town -- with the power out, trees blocking roads, parking lots and driveways, and debris everywhere.

"What can you do? Welcome to Cascade!" said Puetz.