Weekend cleanup of weeds, trash near 5th and Greenfield

MILWAUKEE -- The lack of snowfall this winter is exposing some unsightly areas not usually seen in winter -- a lot of brown, overgrown weeds and trash. A group of volunteers set out Saturday near 5th and Greenfield to clean up the Milwaukee neighborhood.

The area is next to Interstate 94, and Alderman James Witkowiak says it's technically state land, but they contract with Milwaukee County to clean it. Witkowiak says the city has gotten complaints from people who live nearby probably due, in part, to the fact that there isn't any snow to cover it up.

"This is the entranceway to our business district, Mitchell Street, Lincoln Avenue. A lot of business is now growing and flourishing in the area, and when people get off the freeway, they see this unsightly mess, and it drags the whole neighborhood down," Witkowiak said.

Witkowiak says he'd like to see a local business or community group adopt the block and help keep it clean year-round.