'We will be setting capacity limits:' Six Flags Great America to launch guest reservation system

GURNEE, Ill. -- Six Flags Great America is introducing a new guest reservation system in effort to keep guests safe and meet social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The park is not accepting reservations just yet. They plan to turn on the system shortly before each park resumes operations.

Six Flags released the following statement on their website: 

"While specific caps on attendance have not been established or announced, the safety and well-being of our guests and team members is our top priority and we want to provide adequate space to maintain a safe distance from other guests. To that end, we will be limiting the capacity of our parks to meet national, regional, and health officials’ recommended social distancing guidelines.

To facilitate limited occupancy scenarios and avoid guest disappointment at the front gate we are, for the time being, planning to require all guests to make an advance reservation prior to their arrival at the park. The reservation process is quick, easy, and will provide a safer, more fun experience for everyone.

Why is Six Flags implementing a reservation system?

In the interest of meeting national, regional, and expert social distancing guidelines, we will be setting capacity limits for each of our parks. Without a reservation system, there is the risk that more guests will show up than we are able to accommodate. Our reservation system allows guests to know in advance, before they arrive at the park whether they will be allowed to enter.

The reservation system also allows us to limit the number of guests at the front gate at any given time (thereby eliminating overcrowding). Whenever a new reservation is made, the guest selects not just the date they want to visit, but also the time (based on availability). On the day of their visit, they will be allowed to enter only during the time period they initially selected."