'We will arrest you:' Nationwide campaign to combat drunk driving continues through New Year's Day

BROWN DEER -- 'Tis the season for holiday celebrations that often include alcohol. If you choose to imbibe this season, know that law enforcement officials will be watching for you on the road.

The annual "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign began Friday, Dec. 14 and continues through New Year's Day. It's a nationwide campaign aimed at preventing tragedies.

"We're looking for things like people driving without their lights on, people swerving in and out of their lanes," said Officer Corey Lozano with the Brown Deer Police Department.

While some got off with a warning when FOX6 News caught up with Officer Lozano on patrol on Saturday, Dec. 15, not all do.

"We're out there -- we're patrolling, and if you are driving drunk or intoxicated, we will arrest you," said Lozano.

Meanwhile, bars like Steny's in Milwaukee take part in the Safe Ride Program. Bartenders will call you a cab if you've had too much to drink.

"We 100 percent want everybody to be safe here. It's something free that they can use, as long as they talk to the staff and we call it in for them," said JoJo Lutkus, bar manager.

If you do choose to celebrate with alcohol this holiday season, know that there are consequences should you choose to get behind the wheel.

JoJo Lutkus

"Getting home is the most important part -- because you need to be safe," said Lozano.

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