'We have to reconnect:' Experts offer tips of fighting coronavirus fears

MILWAUKEE -- It is easy to get caught up in all the negativity, and feel anxious about, coronavirus developments. However, experts of both medicine and faith tell FOX6 News that, during this time, it's important to look for the silver lining -- because it's there.

Dr. Jerry Halverson

"There's a lot of unknown, so anxiety is a pretty natural response to unknown," said Dr. Jerry Halverson of Rogers Behavioral Health.

While many continue to acclimate to quarantine and isolation as a result of the coronavirus, the stress of it all can feel really scary.

"If you think about them too much and don't distract yourself, or don't do activities to take care of yourself, it can get pretty overwhelming for anybody," Halverson said.

Halverson says that staying mentally well can mean adjusting your perspective.

"I think it's important to get back to things that you enjoy," said Halverson. "Go on the Internet, or read books that are helpful and healthy. I think FaceTime is a really wonderful tool to continue to interact with people."

Experts recommend exercising, talking with people and doing things that are going to make you smile -- being selfish but in a positive way.

"It's an opportunity that we wouldn't have received otherwise, so I encourage people to take advantage to build relationships with family and friends that you haven't seen," Halverson aid.

Pardeep Kaleka

Having the right outlook, though, isn't just about medicine. For some, it can also be about having faith.

"During these times of anxiety, what we have to do is we have to reconnect," said Pardeep Kaleka from Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee.

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee said it is in moments like this when faith is tested.

"The recipe of faith, and getting stronger, always involves suffering, and making meaning out of suffering," Kaleka said. "Out of this, we will become stronger."

In short, we are in this together -- and it is going to be alright. So, whether you're the head of the house or you're one of many, the important thing is to remain calm, find time to smile and live well.