"We have 25 guest readers:" Capitol West Academy celebrates Read Across America Day

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- They're words and phrases we know and love coming from the mind of a legendary author.

"I think Dr. Seuss has probably educated hundreds of millions of young people throughout the world. He's a fixture and he's certainly a person to celebrate," said Bucks Vice President of Community Affairs John Steinmiller.

On the first Monday of March schools including Capitol West Academy participated in Read Across America Day, which included a celebration of Dr. Seuss' Birthday.

"We have 25 guest readers who come in and they read a Dr. Seuss book to the kids. Dr. Seuss is a fun way to get kids reading," said Capitol West Academy Student Services Coordinator Kendra Thiel.

Steinmiller was one of those guests.

"There's nothing wrong with being as good as you can be at basketball or at soccer or at any sport, but your education can get you through life long after you play soccer or basketball," said Steinmiller.

Dr. Seuss has played a role in many lives.

Whether you're young or old, most people can still remember the very first Dr. Seuss book they read.

Teachers reminisced about reading Dr. Seuss while creating memories with a new generation of Dr. Seuss readers.

They honored the author during a student assembly by reading poems and singing songs.

"Anytime we can help kids connect with reading and make reading fun and not a chore, remind kids that they can read anywhere at anytime, that they should read during the summer," said Steinmiller.

Maybe one day in the future these children will be reading their children these very same books.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett also read a Dr. Seuss book to 50 second graders at Messmer Preparatory School.

For more information on Read Across America Day CLICK HERE.