We Energies warns of higher heat bills; offers advice to save money

Energy companies are warning Wisconsinites that your heating bill is going to be high this winter. FOX6 has some advice on how you can save yourself some money. 

"Give it a few weeks, maybe even a few days and it’s going to get cold. We’ve got to be prepared for it," said We Energies spokesperson Brendon Conway.

Wisconsin's cold temperatures are right around the corner -- and with that comes ways to stay warm. 

"We want people to be not caught off guard when they turn that furnace on and they start to see those heating bills," he said.

We Energies -- preparing customers ahead of winter as heating bills are predicted to be the highest ever in the last 10 years. It's all due to a nationwide spike in natural gas prices. 

"Heating bills are going to be high this year right now we’re estimated about 25$ more a month from November through March," said Conway.

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The increase -- due to tight supplies and a worldwide increase in demand for natural gas. That's why We Energies is offering customers some advice on ways to save up. 

"Make sure you change that furnace filter now before the weather gets cold it’s a good time to be outside, checking ceilings and any cracks you have on your windows your doors, put on that weather stripping, maybe buying that plastic for your windows," he said.

We Energies also says turning your thermostat down even a few degrees overnight or while you're not home can help save you some money. But no matter what you do -- be prepared to see a higher bill this winter.

There is financial help for low-income households paying their utility bill. For more information, click here.


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