We Energies announces hatching of three peregrine falcons

PORT WASHINGTON (WITI) -- We Energies on Monday, April 29th announced the hatching of three peregrine falcons at the company's Port Washington power plant. There are four total peregrine falcon eggs at this site -- so there is just one more left to hatch.

We Energies customers can now watch this year’s peregrine falcon activity inside the nest box at the Oak Creek Power Plant and the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant via live webcams at we-energies.com.

We Energies' resident falcons have already produced eggs at both the Oak Creek and Pleasant Prairie sites. New chicks also will be arriving at the company’s power plants in Port Washington, Milwaukee and Marquette, Mich.

"We look forward to this every year -- really having the opportunity to see something that you would never ordinarily have the opportunity to see. This is actually a pretty typical year -- that we have the eggs being laid about now," a We Energies official said.

Activity at these sites is being captured via webcam still photos that are being updated hourly at we-energies.com.

The eggs are expected to hatch in early May. Customers can then follow the chicks online until they take flight!

"You have both mom and dad falcon. Falcon dad will sit on the eggs too. They protect those eggs and they keep them warm," a We Energies official said.

Since 1992, approximately 20% of Wisconsin’s peregrine population (or 200 falcons) have hatched at We Energies facilities. We Energies installed man-made cliff sides on its towers to try to help restore the peregrine population.

"It's really great to raise awareness about this, because the peregrine falcon was nearly extinct," a We Energies official said.

After this nesting season, the number of falcons born at We Energies power plants will be nearing 200. Learn more about the company’s efforts at we-energies.com/falcons. Watch videos which detail the history of the We Energies peregrine program.

On FOX6's program "Real Milwaukee," viewers have the chance to name the peregrine falcons! CLICK HERE to suggest a name!