"We deserve justice:" Nate Hamilton reacts no charges being filed against Christopher Manney

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The family of Dontre Hamilton reacted on Monday afternoon, December 22nd to the news that former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney will not be criminally charged for fatally shooting Dontre in April.

Nate Hamilton, Dontre's brother, has led the charge seeking criminal charges against Manney. On Monday afternoon, he told the people gathered, "We're not going to cover up injustice with our tears...We deserve justice, justice is our right."

Hamilton said he loved his family and he loved his brother. He said this is a "fight that we are going to endure, we going to stay strong, we're not going to waver."

Hamilton went on to say, "We're going to stay strong. We must wake the people up -- we must show them injustice does exist."

Prior to Nate Hamilton taking to the podium, the Hamilton family attorney, Jonathan Safran, spoke. Safran said the Hamilton family is "extremely disappointed" in the decision not to charge former Officer Manney in this case. He said, "This is a case which cries out for justice, criminal charges against Christopher Manney, and the accountability to Dontre Hamilton's family."

Safran proceeded to announce he has reached out to U.S. Attorneys Office for Eastern Wisconsin and formally requested that they communicate with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division criminal section to immediately commence a federal investigation into the Hamilton case. They believe federal charges are warranted in this case.

The family's attorney is calling for peace among protesters as Nate Hamilton lets a city know, they will not be quieted.

"We need to protect each other. We need to stop the violence in our communities, so we can get rid of the pigs that kill us," said Nate Hamilton.

The U.S. Attorney's Office announcing late Monday afternoon, that the Department of Justice will be reviewing the case to see whether any civil rights were violated.

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