'We cannot sit back:' Task force given deadline, must offer plan on how to curb reckless driving

MILWAUKEE -- The chair of Milwaukee's Reckless Driving Task Force says it is time to act.

The task force has been taking suggestions on how to curb the city's reckless driving epidemic for months. Now, Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy is calling on the task force to send its recommendations to the full Common Council next month.

Nine months after holding its first meeting and taking hundreds of public comments, Milwaukee's Reckless Driving Task Force has yet to send its report to the full Common Council.

Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy

"The original task force was supported by the full Common Council with the understanding it would be done within a certain time frame. To be perfectly honest, we are past that time frame," said Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy.

The report is expected to include the following:

    There is no shortage of suggestions or stories of people impacted.

    "What kind of community is this?" asked Judge Derek Mosley. "I've been hit on my way to court, by a defendant coming to see me, with no license and no insurance."

    Solutions are a lot harder to come by. But the task force chair, Alderman Murphy, said it is time for his committee to find some.

    "We may not have all the answers when it comes to reckless driving, but we cannot sit back," Murphy said.

    Alderman Murphy wants the task force report finished in February. It will then go to the full Common Council for approval and funding.

    CLICK HERE to read a memo that lists the community recommendations provided on this matter. The task force is being urged to review the recommendations and come up with a final list of suggestions on preventing reckless driving in the city.