"We are not afraid:" Milwaukee County Board passes anti-discrimination resolution

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- The Milwaukee County Board went on record Thursday, February 2nd against President Donald Trump's recent executive order on immigration. Board supervisors voted to approve an anti-discrimination resolution that pledges Milwaukee will remain a place where undocumented immigrants are welcome, regardless of the law. 

After two hours of a sometimes impassioned debate between Milwaukee County supervisors, a loud round of applause came from the crowd following a vote approving the anti-discrimination resolution before the Milwaukee County Board.

"We set a strong policy today going forward on record, stating that we're in opposition to the divisive and hateful attacks that have come from President Trump," said Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic.

Dimitrijevic said she wrote the policy in response to President Trump's executive order, which intends to crack down on communities that don't turn over undocumented immigrants to federal agents.

"We don't know what's going to happen there. It could really do a lot of detriment to Milwaukee County services," said Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander. 

Dimitrijevic said Thursday's vote sends a message to the rest of the state.

Marina Dimitrijevic

"That we are not afraid. That we will not be bullied. And that really, Milwaukee is the economic engine of the state of Wisconsin, and that engine has been built on the backs of immigrants," said Dimitrijevic.

The resolution also encourages Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke not to use his deputies as homeland security and ICE agents. Sheriff Clarke has said his office will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies -- adding that ICE agents have access to county facilities.