Wauwatosa Police duo receive honorable award

WAUWATOSA (WITI) -- This past winter, armed men held up an area Kmart, but thanks to some good police work -- the robbers were caught. Both man and man's best friend are now being recognized for it.

"It was one of those nights where, when you're outside for a few minutes, your toes and your fingers were frozen," said Timothy Kastner, Wauwatosa Police Officer.

December 23rd, 2013. A night Wauwatosa Police Officer Timothy Kastner won't forget.

"It's one of the most memorable arrests," said Kastner.

Two armed men raid the cash registers at the Kmart store near Highway 100 and Burleigh.

"When our police squads caught up to the suspect's vehicle and we're getting ready to stop the suspects, they pulled over and bailed out of the car," said Kastner.

Stopped near 91st and Capitol, the suspects split. But that's when Officer Kastner and his partner Addy, sprang into action.

"Right away started showing that he had located somebody. He was sniffing this wheelchair ramp, very excitedly and then he started barking at it. After a few more moments, we could hear the sound of the suspect yelling out," said Kastner.

Soon, he was in the back of a squad car, and not long after that, the other suspect was arrested in a nearby apartment building.

The officer's work isn't going unnoticed. Both were recently recognized for "Apprehension of the Year" by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handlers Association.

"It's always nice to be acknowledged. I get to see Addy work all the time in training, so I know what he's capable of doing. And to see it work out in a real deployment, it's very rewarding," Kastner said.

Officer Kastner and Addy have been working together for the past 4 1/2 years.