Wauwatosa company sews inspirational flags as 'symbol of camaraderie' amid isolation

WAUWATOSA -- Officials with the Flag Center in Wauwatosa have taken to the skies to share an inspirational message with you amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Through human history, flags have been used to convey a variety of messages.

"If you go back as far as maritime days, it's going to be what country are you with, and who are you representing?" said Krisin Boyle with the Flag Center. "It's a symbol of camaraderie. It's togetherness."

In the year 2020, that hasn't changed.

Krisin Boyle

"It happened really quickly," said Boyle. "It was like, this is our idea. We're going to get through this. We have to get through this."

Inside the Flag Center's Wauwatosa workshop, FOX6 News got a glimpse at a new flag making waves.

"We wanted to come up with a way that we could kind of harness that energy," said Boyle.

Sewn onto the flag is a simple message: We will get through this.

"We've had a lot of people that have called and said, 'Hey, this makes me feel good, and yes, we're going to get through this!'" said Boyle.

It's an effort to unite the community in a time of isolation.

"Tough times, fly the flag because that is what we do," said Boyle.

While the reason for hoisting the flag might be different from any reason we'e had before, the message is a familiar one.

"We want everyone to stay safe, and stay healthy and stay positive," said Boyle. "Just keep on moving forward, and eventually, we'll get to that good place again."

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