Wausau 525 snowmobile races a fundraiser and memorial

WAUSAU (CNN) -- A popular series of snowmobile races this weekend in Wausau is more than just a sporting event. The 10-year tradition is also a fundraiser and a memorial.

The Wausau 525 Championship Snowmobile Races have grown since they started 10 years ago.

"We're probably going to have at least 100 to 120 drivers," Wausau 525 Championship Snowmobile Races Founder Ralph Merwin said.

Not just from Wisconsin -- but from around the country and world.

"Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa," Merwin said.

People lined the track to watch in Wausau, but for Merwin, it's about more than just the sport. The race is in memory of Merwin's son, Flip Merwin, who passed away in Eagle River in 2003 in a racing accident.

The Wausau 525 Championship Snowmobile Races were started two years later.

Friends, family members and strangers return to remember Flip Merwin -- and money raised goes toward a good cause.

"We have a fund set up that we give to kids with cancer and high school scholarships, Lions Clubs, Boy Scouts," Merwin said.

So far, close to $200,000 has been raised, and the goal is to raise $525,000 by 2020.

Merwin says he's grateful for how far the races have come and says he only wishes his son could enjoy them.

"I think he'd be elated. He raced in Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan -- had a lot of good friends and I think he'd be very happy," Merwin said.

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