Waukesha West H.S. bans students from using backpacks during school day

WAUKESHA -- Waukesha West High School is now banning students from carrying their backpacks and purses from class to class each day. School begins on Tuesday, September 4th, and many students aren't happy about the new rule.

Administrators at Waukesha West would not speak with FOX6 News on camera, but officials say the change in the rule was about safety. They feel the new rule will help stop the spread of contraband. They believe it will also help prevent injuries like tripping over backpacks in the classroom.

Waukesha West administrators say some students and teachers have been hurt by backpack use -- including at least one concussion.

Many students are upset over the new rule. There's even a Facebook event page with more than 300 members opposing the new rule. There is also talk of a protest on the first day of school.

"The school is rather large and I'm a short person, so I guess carrying my stuff to and from class is a lot to carry in your arms and a lot of ground to cover," one Waukesha West student said.

""I think that remains to be seen. Let's see how it works out and I'll reserve judgment until my daughter has her first day," a Waukesha West parent said.

The new rule is expected to force students to head to their lockers more often.