Waukesha sex offender caught coaching youth football

WAUKESHA -- A crime that happened over 20 years ago could land a Waukesha man in jail. 38-year-old John Orosco is a convicted sex offender, and he's in trouble for allegedly helping to coach a kids football team.

Orosco was charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in his UW-Whitewater dorm room. He now faces another criminal charge after coaching kids football as a life long registrant on the sex offender registry.

Waukesha Police Lt. Kevin Kober says, "We were able to document very thoroughly that he was very involved with the kids coaching, and wasn't just a parent on the sideline just going and watching games. That he was involved with the kids in coaching on a regular basis."

Waukesha police say they got word Orosco was coaching kids and put an undercover cop on the case. The undercover officer took pictures of Orosco coaching the sixth grade Jr. Blackshirts team.

A criminal complaint says he was an assistant coach for the team last year, and when league officials told him he couldn't coach this year he stayed on as an assistant coach. According to Patch.com, Orosco's son was on the team in 2011.

Orosco's persistence in coaching is catching up with him in court. He is now charged with two felonies accused of being a child sex offender working with children.

The President of Waukesha Youth Football League did not return calls for comment on this story. Orosco will be in court in October.