Waukesha police respond to domestic disturbance when shots fired

WAUKESHA -- Police in Waukesha investigated a report of shots fired at an apartment building near Guthrie and E. Racine Ave. on Tuesday, October 23rd. The apparent shooting was first reported shortly after 4:30 p.m.

Police said they were called to the area for a domestic incident. They met with a 75-year-old woman when police say her 76-year-old ex-husband pointed a long gun at officers and began shooting. The officers returned fire.

Investigators told FOX6 News the 75-year-old woman suffered non life threatening wounds, and an officer suffered minor injuries. Both were reportedly taken to Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

Neighbors heard the sounds of gunshots echoing through a Waukesha neighborhood not long after they saw a fleet of squad cars and police near the Wynwood Condominiums.

FOX6 News viewer Ann Siverling said members of a SWAT team were running through her neighborhood and backyard. She told FOX6 News her husband heard several "pops," which could have been gunshots. She also said she heard police yelling at someone.

Sally Jansen is the president of the Condo Association and told FOX6 News the accused gunman is all too familiar with police. Jansen said she once saw him restrained during a condo meeting.

"About two or three years ago he was hauled off by the police officers for domestic abuse from our premises, and told he couldn't come back for four years," Jansen said.

Court records show the man was put on a domestic abuse temporary restraining order back in 2010, and police say that order was violently violated Tuesday.

Investigators say the man's wife had filed for divorce not long after the restraining order was filed.

"He's been like this for over 13 years, with a lot of abuse emotionally and physically," Jansen said.

The accused gunman had a court date earlier Tuesday, according to CCAP. Neighbors feared that may have triggered the latest domestic violence incident.

"I'm a nurse and we see a lot of it. I can tell you that people can be afraid to come forward because of this and the incident that happened in Brookfield," Jansen said.