Waukesha police release 2018 Cops and Paws fundraising calendar to support HAWS

WAUKESHA -- Looking for a gift for the pet lover in your life? The Waukesha Police Department teamed up with HAWS of Waukesha to create a 2018 "Cops and Paws" calendar that would make the purrfect present!

The calendar was created as a way to bring awareness to the police departments connection to the community as well as support the goals of HAWS, which offers programs and services that promote responsible pet ownership, preventing animal abuse and neglect in our community and beyond.

The department says 17 officers, detectives, specialists, dispatchers and HAWS staff participated in the event.

Want to buy a calendar and support the organization? The 2018 Cops and Paws Calendar is currently available online only. CLICK HERE if you'd like to purchase one. The online store is currently offering two sizes, 8.5x11 which sells for $17.50 or 11x14 which sells for $22.50. 100% of the proceeds from the calendar go directly to HAWS ($5 a calendar).

To date, the department has sold almost 50 calendars since they went up for sale on November 29th, raising over $200 dollars for HAWS!

"The positive feedback from the staff at HAWS is more than we could have hoped for," the Waukesha Police Department said.