Waukesha couple celebrates wedding day in non-traditional way: 'Just the two of us'

WAUKESHA -- Traditional, big weddings are not happening this spring because of the coronavirus. So one Waukesha couple found a different way to celebrate.

"We plan for a year, and then it all falls apart," Erin Cherney said.

A wedding planned for 170 guests dwindled down to just two.

"Just the two of us," Cherney said. "That's it. We were the party."

The traditions continued -- just in their kitchen. And before the party -- they took some photos to mark their nontraditional wedding. Trying to see a lighter side to the situation.

"It's not funny what's going on, but trying to give ourselves a little bit of fun," Cherney said.

And while it may have been just the two of them physically there, Facebook Live helped them share the moment with friends and family.

"It's incredibly, incredibly touching to us, so we're to share what is our first dance of many," Cherney said.

They finished the night with their first dance -- a special recording from a local musician and friend. The night reminding them what's most important on your wedding day.

"Even though what's going on in this world, we still had a special day," Jamie Rozwadowski said. "We're still going to have that party in October, and all of our family and friends are going to be there, and it's going to be great. But it was about us. The love for us, and we'll still have that."