Waukesha County snow removal a round-the-clock effort

Waukesha County took a big hit during the winter storm that hit southeastern Wisconsin Tuesday into Wednesday, Dec. 30. Brookfield logged 8.5 inches of snow while Waukesha had about 7.5 inches.

While families are trying to make the most of the storm, county crews tell FOX6 News that they were working around the clock to keep roads clear.

With the scrape of every shovel and the roar of neighborhoods equipped with an army of snowblowers, Waukesha County residents slowly started to see pavement again.

"I opened up the blinds – and I was like oh my goodness, what is this?" said Megan Burczyk.

The snow gave Burczyk quite the workout on Wednesday morning. Luckily, her neighbor stepped in to lend some extra help.

"I shoveled most of this myself and then she just yelled, saw me struggling over here and asked if I wanted to borrow her snowblower," Burczyk said.

It has been a non-stop effort for those keeping county and state roads clear since the flakes started flying Tuesday night.

"We have 52 plow trucks out taking care of all of the county and state roads," said Waukesha County Highway Operations Manager Bob Rauchle.

Rauchle reminds people that, in a year like no other, 2020 won't be remembered for its snowfall.

"If you remember last year, we were fighting snow on Halloween – so we had a long season. So this year, it’s been very dry," Rauchle said.

While trucks continue to fill up at the Waukesha County Highway Operations Center, some are more colorful than others. About a dozen plows were decorated by Waukesha students -- a way to brighten what has been a pretty dark year.

"It’s been chaos – that’s the word I’d use for 2020," said Burczyk. "But this, this seems about par for the course."

The county highway department is now resetting all of its trucks, getting ready for the next round of snow that is expected on Friday.

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