Water levels begin to recede, leave huge mess in Racine Co.

RACINE CO. (WITI) -- The water levels are going down in Racine County much to the delight of homeowners there. However, the high waters have left a big mess behind.

The backyards of homes near Island Park in Racine are still covered in water. The grass is hidden by water from the Root River. Chairs and benches are covered as ducks float through people's yards.

Sand bags couldn't stop the water from making its way into Gerrie Jones' home.

"We lost everything in our basement," said Jones. "The sump-pump was going all night long and it's still running."

Jones says she has pulled the rugs and her furniture is sitting on blocks. But she's starting to breathe a little easier as the water backs down.

Just up the river, high water turned into an adventure for Norman Wilson.

"It makes for fun fishing. You never know what's going to happen when you're down here especially when the river is this high," said Wilson.

But Wilson says he would trade solitude on the river for a more normal day.

"It could come down a little bit.  As long as it doesn't come any higher, it's fishable, it's workable," said Wilson.

The Root River has not reached flood levels -- and is not expected to. That's a big relief for those living near the waterway.