Watch the final 2020 presidential debate in full

The first presidential debate was so raucous that it prompted Thursday night’s final debate to include a mute button, which may have contributed to the event’s decidedly different tone. 

The two candidates interrupted each other far less frequently, even as they clashed on various issues gripping the nation amid a deadly coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 223,000 Americans. 

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The 90-minute, mostly tame showdown had a small audience of around 200 people seated inside the debate hall inside a college arena. 

There, a representative of the Commission on Presidential Debates was tasked with ensuring each candidate had a two full minutes of uninterrupted time to deliver opening answers on several major topics chosen by the debate’s moderator, NBC News’s Kristin Welker.

Welker laid out six major topics that she intended to discuss with the candidates, but the debate veered onto other subjects as well.

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Here is a list of the topics covered during the final debate ahead of Election Day: 

COVID-19 pandemic
Foreign interference
Health care
North Korea/**China/Russia
Coronavirus relief bill 
Minimum wage
The southern border
Climate change
Race in America 
Leadership/inaugural addresses 

Watch the full debate to see the candidates speak on each issue in the video above.