Watch: Teen bullied for being a dancer stuns judges on 'Britain's Got Talent'

BRITAIN -- A 14-year-old boy who says he was bullied and called gay for being a ballet dancer brought an entire audience to their feet -- and many to tears -- after his emotional performance on 'Britain's Got Talent'.

Jack Higgins, who has been dancing for nine years, performed during the show's Week 2 auditions, dancing to Great Big World's "Say Something (I'm Giving Up on You)."

After the performance, the audience jumped to their feet. Higgins broke down, telling the judges he'd been called names, was bullied and told he danced like a girl during his journey.

But judges told him he was a born dancer.

He got a 'yes' from each of the judges, and a touching message from Simon Cowell.

"You know the one thing bullies don't like? They don't like it when you do well," said Cowell.