Watch: Kids choose Christmas gifts for their family over themselves in heartwarming video

ATLANTA -- It's the holiday season and a new viral video will get you in the spirit of giving.

According to KFOR, the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Clubs, 83% of the kids reportedly come from low-income families.

The group UPtv, set out to ask some of the kids the toughest question they'd face this Christmas season -- what do you want for Christmas, and what does their family want?

UPtv then granted them with the gifts they described, but there was a catch -- the kids had to choose the gift for themselves, or the gift for their family.

One young boy is quick to respond in favor of the family gift instead of his own.

"Legos don't matter," he said in the video. "Your family matters. Not Legos, not toys -- your family. So, it's either family or Legos, and I choose family."

The experiment is bringing a lot of smiles.

Watch it here: