WATCH: Judge authorizes release of police interviews with Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier

WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) -- The two 12-year-old girls accused of stabbing their best friend in the Slenderman case, were in Waukesha County Court today. The girl's lawyers that are working on the case asked that the police interviews of the girls not be released -- but the judge ruled to release them.

The video interviews are introduced as exhibits in the case. It shows two different detectives interviewing Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier last May when they both say they tried to kill their best friend -- stabbing her to please a fictional character named, Slenderman.

A Waukesha detective first interviews Morgan Geyser who didn't want to talk about the actual 19 stab wounds she is accused of inflicting on the young victim.

"Did you feel bad?"asked the detective.

"I thought about it then I thought remorse would get me nowhere. It's easier to live without regrets if you decide you don't want to feel," said Geyser.

Geyser told the detective about Slenderman and how she's been able to hurt people through vulcan mind control.

After a while the detective leaves the room. Geyser is seen singing and drawing on a board with her finger.

Geyser seems calm in talking about the crime. And says she thought about what would happen to her if she went through with it.

"Mommy always said whatever you do catches up to you, and it did," said Geyser.

In another room, Anissa Weier describes what led up to the crime.

"She was picking flowers like this. I was standing right here. I pushed her over. She was like this now. And I sit right here on her hip. She started complaining she couldn't breath so I got up because she was making a lot of noise. I told Morgan she wasn't laying down and she said, 'tackle her and I'll stab her.'" said Weier.

Weier told the detective about demons and imaginary creatures she believed were real. But did say she was sorry for what happened.

"The doctors were able to save her. How does that make you feel?" asked the detective.

"It makes you feel good she's alive," said Weier.

As the detective left the room, Weird appears to wipe away a tear and eventually curling up into a blanket.

FOX6 News is ordered not to show the girl's faces, even though the girls are being tried in adult court.

There is a possibility this could all end up in children's court after all. The judge is considering that and will issue his ruling on that on March 13th.