Watch: 101-year-old woman proves you're never too old to play in the snow

CANADA --  A home video of woman in Canada, who is 101 years young, proves you're never too old to play in the snow.

When Armond Foisey and his mother, Albina, were driving through fresh snowfall in British Columbia, she decided she needed to get out and play in it.

Foisey stops his vehicle and his mom hops out to experience the fresh powder -- she even throws a few snowballs!

"When you have a mother that's 101-years-old, it's a good idea to keep the camera nearby for those special moments," says Foisey in the video.

Foisey originally posted the video to Facebook, with the caption, "Here's proof that if you find pure joy in the simple things you can live 100 years."

The video definitely makes you appreciate life's precious moments.