WasteCap, a non-profit, teams up with city of Milwaukee to reuse materials from foreclosed homes

MILWAUKEE -- WasteCap Resource Solutions is excited to announce the opening of their architectural salvage materials warehouse to the public. Come shop for materials for your next project or find replacement pieces for your home!

WasteCap Resource Solutions is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission of providing waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business and the environment.

For the past 15 years, WasteCap has been working with contractors, home builders, owners, developers, citizens and companies to help divert resources from landfills through economical solutions.

In conjunction with the city of Milwaukee, WasteCap has taken on large salvage and deconstruction initiatives in order to save materials from foreclosed homes and buildings ready to be razed. This work not only helps fight the foreclosure issues plaguing our city, but provides valuable employment and job training opportunities for city of Milwaukee residents and puts the hard earned money back into the community.

WasteCap has been working with organizations such as the Milwaukee Community Service Corps and the Northcott Neighborhood House to help individuals gain the skills they need through their training programs to give them the opportunity to get back into an industry career.

In 2015, WasteCap has provided 22 Residential Preference Program (RPP) trainees paid work opportunities totaling in more than 1000 worker hours.

WasteCap Resource Solutions and its clients have diverted over 618,000 Tons or 1.236 Billion Pounds of construction and demolition waste from landfills.

That’s an equivalent of 235,451 Trees being saved by recycling wood and cardboard!

And if you were to place 30 yard dumpsters end to end, WasteCap has diverted over 515 Miles of Dumpster Full of Resources from their projects that are currently achieving an average 88% Recycling Rate!

Opening Week Sale begins on Wednesday, July 15th and ends on Saturday, July 18th. Sales will be increasing every day starting with 20% discount on the 15th, 30% on the 16th, 40% the 17th and 50% off the 18th!

Opening Week Hours:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 10am – 5pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Location: 2123 W. Michigan St. - Milwaukee, WI 53233

The warehouse gives the public the ability to find simple building materials all the way to hard-to-find architectural materials such as:

    Without WasteCap’s work in these initiatives, these materials would be destined for the landfill and the purchases made from these materials address the problem of wasting resources while helping WasteCap to continue to expand this line of work, increasing the amount of training experience provided.

    Donations made to WasteCap are tax-deductible, so we encourage all projects, big or small, to explore WasteCap’s services to not only help the environment, but their projects bottom line!

    Donations are being accepted by appointment only and need to be preapproved. Also ask us about our deconstruction and donation pick-up. This allows WasteCap to do more training for unemployed and underemployed individuals in the community.