Washington County siblings organize '1st (Hopefully Not) Annual Corona Kicker Livestock Show'

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Each summer, kids pour their hearts into showing livestock, and COVID-19 has gotten in the way of that. A Washington County brother and sister have organized a virtual show with kids across the country in an effort to continue their passion amid the pandemic.

Allison and Paul Loosen have been showing cattle and sheep since they were 8.

"Our lives revolve around the show world -- for the most part," said Paul Loosen.

Paul and Allison Loosen

The brother and sister show sheep and cattle at the county, state and national levels, but the coronavirus pandemic has altered their schedule.

"When all the shows started to get canceled due to COVID-19, we just figured that we needed to do something because there's so many kids in our situation," said Allison Loosen.

The 16- and 15-year-olds came up with a plan -- organizing the Corona Kicker Livestock Show -- a nationwide virtual contest.

"It means a lot since we really have no other place to show it right now," said Paul Loosen.

Allison Loosen

As of Sunday, May 10, more than 100 teens from across the country had already signed up to have their livestock critiqued by nationally recognized judges. Participants can earn prizes, and proceeds will benefit the national 4H, FFA and American Red Cross.

"It's been crazy, the amount of support that we've gotten," said Allison Loosen.

Paul and Allison Loosen

The Hartford brother and sister are making the most of a bad situation -- remaining dedicated to their hobby so others can take part.

"We've all done hard work to make this a success," said Allison Loosen.

Registrations are due by May 15. Winners will be announced on May 24.

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