Washington County sheriff's deputies arrest 4, caller tipped them off to scrap wire theft

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Four people were arrested after a caller tipped Washington County sheriff's deputies off to a scrap wire theft.

Officials say three men, a woman and a 15-year-old boy were detained after a traffic stop in the Town of Barton on Monday morning, November 7th.

As a caller was on the phone with dispatchers, several of the occupants were rapidly loading scrap wire into a minivan. Responding deputies were aware of a similar theft at the same residence just days before this one.

Deputies located the suspect vehicle after the most recent theft and stopped it in the area of Salisbury Rd. and Newark Dr.  Prior to making the traffic stop, the deputy observed the vehicle was occupied with five subjects and a large amount of wire could be seen through the back window.

About 1,100 pounds of scrap wire were located in the van along with heroin paraphernalia.

Three of the occupants were arrested for misdemeanor theft; a 32-year-old Town of Farmington man, a 37-year-old Campbellsport woman and a 25-year-old City of West Bend man.  A 50-year-old City of West Bend man was arrested on a probation hold, and a 15-year-old City of West Bend male juvenile was returned to his home.

The scrap value of the wire is estimated to be about $750.