Washington County road signs riddled with dozens of bullet holes

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Individuals recklessly using firearms seems to be a reoccurring theme in the Town of Erin, Washington County -- and authorities are not happy about it.

In a post on the Washington County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, pictures show signs along Highway 167 in the Town of Erin, with several bullet holes in each of them.


Authorities say they believe the individual(s) responsible for this are using firearms recklessly and putting the general public in harm's way. In the post they point out one of the pictures has a building and a blind hill in the background. This particular incident is being investigated as an intentional act.

Washington County investigators say the signs were shot approximately 27 times and it would have occurred over the past three weeks.

Officials say besides the act being reckless and illegal, it will also cost the taxpayers of Washington County about $250 to replace the signs.

No other details have been released.