Was cold weather the culprit? Sprinkler bursts, dumping water throughout alternative medicine center

GREENFIELD (WITI) -- A Greenfield acupuncturist "stuck" with a big mess! A burst pipe has led to thousands of dollars worth of damage to a business that just recently opened.

The Milwaukee Acupuncture and Health Center opened five months ago, and everything inside was relatively brand new. Now, the facility is soaked from the ceiling to the floor!

Late Saturday night, November 15th, a neighbor noticed water coming from the back of the building near 108th and Cold Spring Road.

"It`s severe water damage.  Water is all over. Our employees here are trying to rescue files and everything," owner Chuan Liu said.

Liu practices alternative ways to treat pain. He's now dealing with a big thorn in his side.

A sprinkler head likely burst overnight -- dumping several hundred gallons of water throughout the facility.

"All the carpets -- everything here is brand new," Liu said.

Now, all of the building's insulation and most of the wood finishing will need to be torn out.

Keith Olson with Emergency Fire & Water Restoration says it's not known what caused the burst, but he speculates cold weather could be a culprit.

"Water can cause a lot of damage if not fixed correctly," Olson said.

That's why Olson urges homeowners to winterize their homes. Clogged gutters and exterior faucets and hoses can lead to burst pipes. Homeowners can invest in a digital programmable thermostat that can help to keep the home at a constant, comfortable temperature. Another good tip: Make sure your windows are not only shut, but locked. The lock is usually enough to provide a good seal to keep the cold air out.

Olson says now is the time for homeowners to check their homes before temperatures fall further. This, as Liu works to clean up his mess.

"It is a frustrating situation," Liu said.

It could take weeks for the Greenfield business to dry out. Patients are being directed to the Brookfield office.

The following message has been posted on Milwaukee Acupuncture and Health Center's website:

"Dear Patients,

Due to water damage at our facility at 4275 S. 108th St., starting Monday,  November 17th , we will temporarily see patients at:

APEX Acupuncture and Health Center located at 295 Regency Ct. Brookfield (On W. Blue mound Rd. one block west to Brookfield Rd., the same lane as you see Louise's restaurant sign).

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this situation brings to you and we are striving to recover back to normal operation as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for letting us continue to serve you!

Dr. Chuan Liu, Clinic Director

Milwaukee Acupuncture and Health Center"