'Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday' gets people back on the road -- legally

Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday

MILWAUKEE -- If you drive to and from work daily, imagine what it would mean if your driver's license was taken -- not to mention your ability to get to other places. Milwaukee Municipal Court's program called "Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday" is helping people get back on track.

"This is like a safe haven where the same issues can be addressed, but without the intimidation of just structure," said Pastor John McVicker.

The program brings the courtroom to the community. This time, the event took place at Christ the King Baptist Church near 60th and Bradley on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday

"I have a couple of speeding tickets," said Lashanda Coffee.

Lashanda Coffee

Like everyone else in the room, Coffee had civil violations and didn't pay her fines.

"Didn't go to court because, you know, I just didn't have the money to pay it at the time," said Coffee.

Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday is designed to take away the penalty for not paying the fines.

"I just want to be a licensed driver. Tired of getting pulled over and, you know, taken to jail," said Coffee.

Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday

Valarie Hill

"If they have warrants, I'll lift those. If they have driver's license suspensions, I'll lift those. If they have car registration suspensions, I'll lift those," said Valarie Hill, Milwaukee Municipal Court judge.

"They offer community service, or if your ticket is super high, they will bring it down to where it's affordable. I'm hopeful that either I'm acceptable for," said Coffee.

The program started back in 2016, and is offered twice a year.

Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday

Judge Hill was quick to point out, this is not an amnesty program where cases are just thrown out.

"No. People are showing up here to be responsible and handle their business and they should be given credit for that," said Judge Hill.

Some people who arrived to settle fines and gets warrants withdrawn walked out with a new job. The program also includes employers ready to hire.

Warrant Withdrawal Wednesday